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About Coffeen “Everything about coffee is our life and our breath.” Who We Are Our goal is to serve as a supplier of coffee-related solutions, irrespective of the field. We are committed and ent

About Coffeen

“Everything about coffee is our life and our breath.”

Who We Are

Our goal is to serve as a supplier of coffee-related solutions, irrespective of the field. We are committed and enthusiastic about creating coffee of high quality and consistent flavor. We provide our friendship and experience in coffee, equipment calibration and maintenance, barista training, and working together to expand your coffee knowledge so you may produce the finest coffee in the area. The most essential delivers service while still having fun.


COFFEEN coffee machines allow you to brew espresso of barista-quality from the comfort of your own home or office at the touch of a button. Whether you like cappuccino, latte, espresso, or lungo, our selection of coffee machines makes it simple to prepare your go-to coffee drink in the style of your choice.

A cup of coffee may be made at the push of a button with our brand-new assortment of cutting-edge coffee makers. These machines are simple to use and clean and use coffee capsules. You can switch on your espresso machine, choose your coffee recipe, and then let the machine brew it for you. Some of our coffee makers are automated and include built-in milk frothers and self-cleaning capabilities.

Our Product Range!

The espresso machine, cappuccino maker, latte maker, and capsule coffee machine are just a few options available from our selection of coffee makers.

Discover our selection of coffee machines now to get the ideal cup of coffee to start your day.

COFFEEN invites you to explore the world of coffee with our cutting-edge espresso coffee equipment and carefully selected coffee from across the globe. The coffee produced by our coffee makers is representative of much more than just a basic cup of coffee. They invite you to go away, take pleasure in something, take a little break, and begin experiencing the genuine espresso culture the minute you take possession of it.


When you purchase a coffee maker, you endow the kitchen area in your home or business with an air of refined elegance and refinement. Each espresso machine is designed and hand-crafted by a skilled artisan to provide consistently excellent coffee despite its streamlined and sophisticated appearance.

COFFEEN cappuccino machines are available in a choice of discreet and unexpected colors, including neutral silvers, rich blacks, and vibrant reds, making them suitable for any home design.


Utilize our selection of coffee makers in Australia to create an espresso experience that is uniquely yours.

Are you lacking in space? Choose from our selection of space-saving coffee makers. The COFFEEN quality can be found in every cup of coffee produced by these compact coffee makers, which have a simple and ergonomic design.

Get a handle on things!

The more extensive functions available on our more giant computers make it possible to achieve a greater degree of personalization.

Finally, our coffee-making accessories will take your coffee experience to the next level by adding high-quality milk frother, sophisticated mugs, premium coffee cups, and a descaler to clean your equipment for the most outstanding possible coffee experience.

Explore our selection of the top coffee makers for the house, available for purchase. Place your orders for espresso coffee makers online.

First name Nick
Last name Austin
Email Address coffeen424@gmail.com
Phone 03 8679 2233
Mobile 03 8679 2233
Website Visit Link Here
Address Suite 315E, Level 3, 480, Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Suburb Melbourne
Post Code 3000
State New South Wales
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Coffeen is an Australian-based Coffee Machines retailer. From coffee beans to coffee machines, you can find every product required for making the coffee.


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